Smart Home

Beltelecom offers the Smart Home service to subscribers who are interested in the ability to remotely monitor the state of their home or apartment, while striving to rationally apply funds.

The Smart Home service from Beltelecom is a simple and cost effective solution, whereby the subscriber can always have information about the status of separate objects in the subscriber’s premises, increase comfort and manage resource saving.

As part of the service, the subscriber is provided with:

  • Basic set of equipment. The basic set includes a subscriber unit (controller) and three devices: a smoke sensor, motion sensor and door/window opener sensor, or three devices (except for the camera) at the subscriber's choice when activating the service within the YASNA 100 comfort package offer.
  • Additional equipment. If necessary, in addition to the basic set, a subscriber can receive the required number of additional sensors included in the basic package: smoke, motion and door/window opener sensors, as well as other devices: a video camera, siren, smart socket, temperature and humidity sensors, water leakage sensors.
  • Software product that a subscriber independently downloads from the application store and installs on the mobile device (Android or iOS). Download for Android or by direct link. Download for iOS

The total cost of the service depends on the number of additional devices ordered by a subscriber for the service.

In order to become a subscriber of the Smart Home service, you need:

1.     Conclude an agreement for the service or the package of services that includes the Smart Home service, and receive the basic set of equipment.
2.     Install the software on your mobile device from the application store.
3.     Set up suitable event scenarios.

The subscriber has the opportunity to adapt the Smart Home system to his individual needs by setting up event scenarios. Within the scenarios, it is possible to configure the system not only to inform the subscriber about triggering of sensors, but also to perform available actions by executable devices. For example: when the motion sensor is triggered, the recording of the surveillance camera is activated. Information about the event can be carried out by Push-notification (program message on a mobile device), SMS-messages and e-mail messages. A subscriber can choose one of the proposed information channels or all at the same time.

The necessary conditions to use the Smart Home service from Beltelecom is the availability of the connection to the fixed Internet access services (from any operator), as well as the availability of a subscriber unit with Internet access. Service management using a subscriber unit is possible via mobile devices with the Android operating system (version 4.2.2 or later) or iOS.
To configure the service, you can use:

The main conditions for the services provision are set set forth in the Procedure for services provision.

Tariffs for telematic services “Smart Home” provided to individuals (except for individual entrepreneurs)
Effective as of January 1, 2022
No Service Tariffs are inclusive of value added tax, rubles
1 Subscription fee for using the basic set of “Smart Home”, per month 7,50
2 Provision for use of additional terminal devices per month per unit:  
2.1 A sensor or controlled device 1,50
2.2 A video camera 5,00
3 Configuration of the basic set “Smart Home”, per the service 10,00
4 Configuration of additional terminal devices, per the unit:  
4.1 A sensor or controlled device 2,00
4.2 A video camera 4,00
The subscription fee includes a subscriber unit (controller) and three sensors: a door or window opening sensor, a smoke sensor, a motion sensor.
In addition to the subscription fee, a fee is charged for the provision of additional terminal devices for use: a sensor or controlled device - in accordance with clause 2.1, a video camera - in accordance with clause 2.2.
In accordance with applicable law, tariffs are set inclusive of the value added tax.
Configuration of additional sensors (controlled devices) or video cameras is performed upon configuration of the basic set “Smart Home”. When configuration of additional sensors is performed without configuration of the basic set of equipment, the cost for the outcall of the telephone engineer will be charged in excess of the cost for configuration of additional sensors in accordance with the current rates for additional works at subscriber sites.
The fee for mounting the sensors is charged in accordance with the current tariffs for additional works at subscriber sites.
Effective as of January 1, 2022
Service Tariffs are inclusive of value added tax, rubles
SMS notification about approaching the shutdown threshold, per month for the service 0,280