Transport Networks

Currently, the existing backbone and transit networks of RUE Beltelecom are constructed with the usage of advanced DWDM wavelength-division multiplex equipment with the capacity of up to 80 optical channels. The equipment gives an opportunity to carry out transmission of traffic via one optic channel (lambda) to the extent of 10 Gbit/s / 40 Gbit/s / 100 Gbit/s. RUE Beltelecom constantly carries out the activities on the optimization and expansion of the transport networks, as a result the total backbone network capacity amounts to more than 3,2 Tbit/s, and there is an opportunity to expand transit network capacity up to 8 Tbit/s. DWDM equipment provides the necessary bandwidth for the transmission of information within the Republic of Belarus and for the creation of transit capacity in the direction of the Russian Federation and the European Union. Currently, RUE Beltelecom has more than twenty international interconnections via fiber optic cable with the carriers of neighboring states of Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Russia and Poland to provide transit opportunities for the transmission of telecommunication traffic.